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AWS Case Study - INUC

How did INUC leverage AWS to minimize development time by over 35% and quickly deploy SaaS?

How did INUC leverage AWS to minimize development time by over 35% and quickly deploy SaaS?


INUC is a B2B media platform software development company that specializes video content management system(CMS) services. INUC’s video CMS solution features live scheduling, VOD archiving, menu organization and management, as well as web interfaces for each type of content that media managers need. INUC provides various editions(templates) for video meeting minutes, in-house broadcasting, and live commerce, so the media managers simply can select the screen they want.

The media managers also have the option to choose the appropriate license (Basic/Standard/Enterprise) and cloud service according to each customer's system policy and service scale.

오픈서베이 로고

Name INUC Inc.

Area Software development and supply

Estab. Nov, 2010


Migration of B2B On-premises Solution to the Cloud


INUC was provided on-premises based solutions; however, with changes in the market and a growing customer demand, the need for cloud adoption became apparent.

As their potential customer base expands from public and enterprise to healthcare and commerce, there is a growing demand for cloud services in the form of SaaS, and INUC expects to create opportunities for global expansion.

In addition, all INUC’s media services were built on Docker, consisting of containers for API, Streaming Server, Chatting, Web, Storage, etc. The migration to the SaaS model was relatively easy, given the cloud environment was already prepared.


Why SmileShark?

SmileShark's wide experience and expertise were key attractions. Specifically, SmileShark's solutions and various suggestions during meeting helped INUC makes quick decisions.

INUC expected that SmileShark's experience in various Kubernetes deployments and container operations would facilitate the achievemenet of their goal of transforming CMS services into SaaS within a tight time frame. In fact, SmileShark's prompt technical support helped INUC to smoothly migration to the cloud.

"I would recommend SmileShark to startups or companies looking to migrate from on-premis solutions to SaaS"

-Jason Shin, INUC CEO

"Due to the nature of media services, we believe that it is reasonable to have a hybrid form that operates both existing on-premises servers and the cloud from a TCO (total cost of ownership) perspective.", "The cloud-based B2B SaaS model can be thought of as a content store that plans an independent brand," Explained Jason Shin, CEO of INUC, Inc.

Safe and Swift Migration of Adopting ECS

INUC's SaaS Service - AWS architecture
INUC's SaaS Service - AWS architecture

INUC reliably adopted the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud through SmileShark, experiencing flexibility and scalability beyond that of the traditional on-premises model.

During the AWS architecture design process, Elastic Load Balancers (ELBs) and multiple availability zones were employed to enhance business continuity and customer satisfaction.

Network traffic coming into the ELB is automatically distributed to multiple servers, preventing the load from being concentrated on one server and ensuring that even if a problem occurs in one server, the entire service is not affected.

Additionally, by distributing the infrastructure using two or more Availability Zones, INUC can continue operations without service interruption even if a problem occurs in one Availability Zone.

To migrate data leakage and security risks, INUC organized its infrastructure with public and private subnets, placing critical data and systems in the private subnet, shielding against external threats. This approach has bolstered customer satisfaction and protected the brand value of INUC in the long run.

INUC adopted ECS (Elastic Container Service) to the AWS environment to simplify and enhance the efficiency of deploying, managing, and scaling Docker container-based applications.

ECS significantly shortened time to market by streamlining the process of deploying & managing applications and allowing developers to concentrate on develeoping higher-quality service

To ensure consistent service during traffic spikes, INUC implemented Auto Scaling Group, dynamically managing resources based on usage. Additionally, INUC set the ECS service type as Replica to maintain a specified number of tasks running continuously, thereby ensuring scalability and resilience of the tasks, and configured it to automatically adjust to workload demands.

Managed services such as ElastiCache, Aurora, S3, etc have helped INUC reduce hardware and software maintenance costs, allowing them to focus more on core business activities.

INUC established a fast and efficient development process through AWS services. Supported by AWS and SmileShark, developers quickly acquired new skill and developed cloud-optimized solutions, significantly accelerating INUC's technological innovation.

Upcoming Development of Intelligent Services Based on STT

INUC Next Step

(Left) ITS Screen  (Right) Scheduling
(Left) ITS Screen (Right) Scheduling

INUC is currently improving SEDN v2 with communication and incorporating AI applications based on deep learning algorithms into the cloud.

Upcoming intelligent services include video scene analysis based on STT (Speech-to-Text), timestamp extraction highlight generation, and video keyword search.

INUC is improving their media user experience(MX) and aims to create business opportunities with more content IP operators and strengthen their global market presence.

※ Click the image above to sign up for the SEDN beta service.

Used AWS Services

Introduced SmileShark Services

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