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AWS Well-Architected Review


AWS Well-Architected helps cloud architects build and operate secure, efficient, available, and cost-effective infrastructure on the AWS Cloud.

SmileShark Well-Architected Review

Diagnose and audit your workloads on your AWS and review the results based on the AWS Well-Architected Framework.
Third-party reviews that adhere to the framework set by AWS provide advice on how to improve and how to achieve a more optimal experience. In addition to the AWS Official Well-Architected Tool, the review utilizes Cloud Checker to check Best-Practice, Compliance, etc. of more than 600 cloud infrastructures, and integrates more than 150 Best Practice Checks mapped to the Well-Architected Framework as a Well-Architected Readiness Advisor. to provide an evaluation report.

6 Principles of AWS Well-Architected


​Operational Excellence Principle

The operational excellence principles focus on running and monitoring systems and continuously improving processes and procedures. Key topics include defining standards for automating change, responding to events, and managing day-to-day operations.


Performance Efficiency Principle

The Performance Efficiency Principles focus on the structured and streamlined allocation of IT and computing resources. Key topics include selecting the type and size of resources optimized for workload requirements, monitoring performance, and maintaining efficiency as business requirements change.


security principle

Security principles focus on protecting information and systems. Key topics include the confidentiality and integrity of data, managing user rights, and setting controls for detecting security events.


​Cost Optimization Principle

Cost optimization principles focus on avoiding unnecessary costs. Key topics include understanding spending and controlling money allocation over time, choosing the right type and quantity of resources, and scaling to meet business needs without overspending.


Stability Principle

Reliability principles focus on workloads that perform their intended functions and how to quickly recover from failures to meet their requirements. Key topics include designing distributed systems, planning recovery, and adapting to changing requirements.


Sustainability Principles

Sustainability principles focus on minimizing the environmental impact of running cloud workloads. Key topics are covered, such as the shared responsibility model for sustainability, how to maximize impact understanding and exploitation to minimize the resources required and reduce downstream impacts.

Well-Architected Professional Partner


By achieving AWS Well-Architected Partner Program certification, Smileshark has demonstrated its ability to design, build, and operate optimizing architectures based on the AWS Well-Architected Framework for customers' key workloads.

The AWS Well-Architected Partner Program combines AWS' diverse applications and workloads with six principles: 'Operational Excellence', 'Security', 'Reliability', 'Performance Efficiency', 'Cost Optimization', and 'Sustainability'. This program validates partners' capabilities to help customers build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient application architectures based on


Well-Architected Diagnostic Methods

Quickly review over 600 cloud infrastructure improvements based on best practices using CloudChecker, and check over 150 improvements mapped based on Well-Architected Framework through the Well-Architected Readiness Advisor Tool to generate an evaluation report provide.

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Cloud Checker Diagnostic Sample

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