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AWS Case Study - Happy Moonday

How was Happy Moonday able to expand their business with focusing on customer satisfaction??

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Happy Moonday Inc.

Happy Moonday is a women's healthcare startup that aims to "help more women to live healthier lives.” They recognize menstrual cycle as one of important vital signs of women's health and a good starting point for healthcare, and they offer a variety of ways to make it easier and healthier.

Happy Moonday Inc. runs HappyMoonday, a brand that eases menstrual periods with products made with women in mind, and Heymoon, an all-in-one women's health app. Happy Moonday Inc. is a femtech leader that provides excellent services, commerce, and content in the women's health field and is leading the market with unrivaled competitiveness.

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Name   Happy Moonday Inc.

Area   Women's healthcare

Estab. July, 2017


Various needs arise as the business grows


Q. What were the challenges before meeting SmileShark?

A. Happy Moonday Inc. runs HappyMoonday, a brand that provides high quality of menstrual products that make periods easier, and Heymoon, an all-in-one women's health app. We're running both tangible and intangible product brands by ourselves, which has led to growing complexity from an infrastructure perspective. As the volume of users and offerings of both brands grow together, the servers and databases needed to be added and expanded, and the volume and frequency of content delivery, such as marketing images, increased.

Happy Moonday’s two brands (L) Heymoon, an all-in-one women’s health app (R) HappyMoonday, a brand that makes your periods easier
Happy Moonday’s two brands (L) Heymoon, an all-in-one women’s health app (R) HappyMoonday, a brand that makes your periods easier

For Heymoon in particular, as the company expanded its features from accurately predicting menstrual cycle with its unique algorithm to offering a shopping for women's health and wellness products, it also needed to support commerce technology, including exploring products, payments, and promotions. As the business has grown to embrace broader features, so did its technology environment, all of which led to increased costs.

Why Happy Moonday Chose SmileShark

Q. Then what made you choose Smileshark?

A. We wanted to test the PoC program to ensure we were providing a quality service to our customers, so we decided to adopt the AWS Proof of Concept (PoC) program to help us discover the value of the solution, including credit offering, and compared several consulting partners.

SmileShark was a high priority for us because they offered AWS Credit, but also offered a deep discount on CloudFront, which was cost prohibitive.

SmileShark's experience working with startups was also a key reason we chose them. We chose to partner with SmileShark because we knew they could help us solve our AWS challenges, but also because they have in-depth understanding of how startups work and could closely support our needs.

Successful Cost and Operational Optimization through Keen Support from SmileShark

Rational Decision-Making through the AWS PoC Program

Q. Have you seen any improvements through the was AWS PoC program?

A. First, as mentioned earlier, AWS Credit, which was funded through the PoC program, allowed us to run an internal learning environment where we experimented with ways to better support various services.

In particular, there are technical resource and cost issues that come with EKS advanced testing. Thanks to AWS and SmileShark, we were able to test out EKS on our own. As a result of the test, we could tell that ECS was the right service for Happy Moonday, and we finally decided to adopt ECS.

Q. How was SmileShark's technical support?

A. SmileShark’s technical support was fast and accurate. As a startup, it's often difficult to afford a separate support plan. As an AWS consulting partner, SmileShark has been very responsive when we needed technical support from AWS.

"I would recommend SmileShark to anyone looking for an agile partner who is close to the company and can help with AWS concerns."

- Jay Jang, Backend Developer of Happy Moonday

AWS Cost and Operational Optimization

Q. You talked about the CloudFront discount above, have you seen any cost optimization?

A. In fact, the biggest savings we're seeing is in CloudFront costs. Comparing similar traffic volumes before and after the SmileShark collaboration, we've been able to reduce our costs by about 65%, which ultimately has lowered our content delivery burden significantly, allowing us to focus on other opportunities to engage and connect with our customers.

AWS Optimization report provided by SmileShark
AWS Optimization report provided by SmileShark

Additionally, SmileShark provided an optimization report for us within just two weeks after signing the partnership. They suggested cost-saving tactics that can be applied to the existing infrastructure and complementary methods that would be good to introduce, and based on those advices, we were able to further reduce costs by upgrading the database minor version and changing Amazon EBS to the latest generation.

Customized Support and Flexible Partnerships

Q. Lastly, do you have any comments that might be helpful to any customer considering SmileShark?

A. We would like to recommend SmileShark to those who are looking for a partner who is close to the company and can help with AWS concerns. If you are hesitant because you have no experience collaborating with AWS partners, it means that you need a partner who can maintain close dialogue and move flexibly, and SmileShark is the perfect fit. Especially if you are a startup, I recommend working with SmileShark.

Happy Moonday's Future Plan

Happy Moonday developed Heymoon Indonesia Edition and Global Edition with menstrual cycle prediction as an essential feature and launched them on the Apple AppStore in Indonesia and Singapore, respectively in March 2024. Heymoon has rapidly grown to become a popular app with more than one in three women signing up in 15-24 ages in South Korea, and now it's bringing its benefits to women overseas.

We plan to make Heymoon Shopping, a women's health and wellness store that was only available in-app in Korea, accessible on the web to increase accessibility. This is expected to strengthen our competitiveness that organically weave commerce and service to create an integrated experience.

As the services and infrastructure environments operated by the company are diverse, we also plan to make efforts to maintain the technology well.

Detailed Services Applied to Happy Moonday

Happy Moonday Architecture

Configuration diagram for illustration purposes only and does not represent the actual architecture.
*Configuration diagram for illustration purposes only and does not represent the actual architecture.

Introduced SmileShark Services

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