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SmileShark provides AWS CI/CD Build-up Services to Ajungnetworks



Cloud consulting startup SmileShark announced on the 29th that it provided AWS CI/CD build-up services to Ajungnetworks (CEO Kim Min-ki), Korea's leading life solutions company.

SmileShark Participates in 'AWS Summit Seoul 2024'...Lead the Cloud Transformation



Cloud consulting startup SmileShark announced on the 20th that AWS participated in the "AWS Summit Seoul 2024" held at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul on the 16th and 17th. SmileShark revealed the case of interviews with customers introduced by AWS in detail through the exhibition booth, emphasizing the positive changes and achievements of cloud introduction on corporate operations.

SmileShark provides AWS cloud optimization consulting to Happy Moonday



Cloud Startup SmileShark announced on the 23rd that it provided AWS cloud optimization consulting to Happy Moonday, a women's healthcare company. Happy Moonday is a femtech leader that provides services, commerce, and content in the women's health field.

SmileShark Partners with AWS...Wrap Up Amazon ECS Bootcamp



SmileShark, in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), today announced the conclusion of a bootcamp focused on Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS).

SmileShark held seminar 'Exploring Business Realized with AWS Generative AI'



SmileShark (CEO Jang Jin-hwan) announced on the 26th that it successfully concluded the "Exploring Business Bealized with AWS Generative AI" seminar held at Center Field on the 25th.

SmileShark, participate in Unicorn Day 2024 Hosted by AWS



Cloud startup SmileShark (CEO Jang Jin-hwan) announced today that it participated as a partner in the "2024 AWS Unicorn Day" held by Amazon Web Services (AWS) at eltower in Seocho-gu, South Korea.

SmileShark Provides
Cloud Operations Management Service 'CloudOps' to TRIBONS

트라이본즈 보도자료.png


Cloud startup SmileShark (CEO Jang Jin-hwan) announced today that is has successfully provided CloudOps, a cloud operations management service, to fashion total company TRIBONS (CEO Koo Bon-jin Koo Bon-soon)

SmileShark acquires AWS SMB Competency...
Specializing in Supporting SMB, a New Credential in 2024



The AWS SMB Certification is AWS's industry-based c, and SmileShark has been recognized for its SMB expertise in Korea. More than 80% of SmileShark's customers are SMBs and startups, and this acquisition is a result of the company's proven success in various SMB customer success stories, including architecture configuration and cost optimization consulting for cloud transformation.

NextElevation and SmileShark 'Join hands' to Grow Startups



스마일샤크-넥스트엘레베이션, 스타트업 성장을 위한 전략적 MOU 체결 이미지.jpg


NextElevation, founded by Asia Economic, announced on the 26th that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with SmileShark, a cloud consulting startup, to support startup discovery and growth.

The agreement aims to discover and support promising startups together.

SmileShark Support INUC's B2B Media SaaS Model

Group 572.png


Cloud startup SmileShark (CEO Jang Jin-hwan) announced that it has pursued the SaaS model of INUC's video Content Management System (CMS) based media package solution (model name: SEDN).

SmileShark Acquires Config SDP...Security and Governance Services in Full Swing

Untitled (39).png


SmileShark Corporation (CEO Jang Jin-hwan) announced today that it has acquired the AWS Config Service Delivery Program (AWS Config SDP), whicht is validated by Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

"With this device,
a visually impaired person can be 'Civilized'"



Last January 4 was World Braille Day, and to celebrate, Dot, a company specializing in barrier-free products and platforms, teamed up with SmileShark Corporation to launch the world's first eight games for the visually impaired using a "digital tactile device" and the game platform Dot Vision.

SmileShark and Dot launch 'Dot Vision', a game for the visually impaired, globally through the App Store





In celebration of World Braille Day (January 4), cloud startup SmileShark (CEO Jang Jin-hwan) announced today that it has partnered with Dot (CEO Kim Joo-yoon, Sung Ki-kwang), a leading barrier-free technology company, to launch the world's first tactile game, Dot Vision, on the Apple App Store.

SmileShark, Selected as
an 'Amazon Web Services Ambassador'

스마일샤크 가로.jpg


As an AWS Ambassador, Mr. Cha Min hyeok, Partner Solutions Architect at SmileShark, has created various AWS technical contents by combining his expertise in AWS and know-how gained from building, managing, and operating the infrastructure of more than 500 customers.

His technical expertise was recognized by AWS and he was selected as an AWS Ambassador, the 12th AWS expert from a South Korea-based company.


SmileShark and Dot launch game for the visually impaired in the U.S., Europe and more



SmileShark (CEO Jang Jin-hwan), a cloud startup, and Dot (CEO Kim Joo-yoon, Sung Ki-kwang), a leading barrier-free technology company, announced today that they have been collaborating on game development for the visually impaired since signing an MOU in December of last year.

SmileShark, KDB NextONE Webinar for Startups Successful 



스마일샤크 Nextone.png


SmileShark (CEO Jang Jin-hwan), a cloud consulting startup, announced the successful conclusion of a webinar held on the 9th of this month for startups in KDB NextONE, a startup acceleration program of the Korea Development Bank.

SmileShark, Participate in 'Games on AWS 2023' 





SmileShark (CEO Jang Jin-hwan) today announced that it is participating as a partner in Games on AWS 2023, hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Games on AWS is a conference event for game developers and those in the game business, celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

SmileShark held a successful Seminar...'Be Smart and Get Ready for Cloud Security'

pic 4.jpg


SmileShark, Amazon Web Services (AWS), CloudBrick held a successful seminar 'Be Smart and Get Ready for Cloud Security'.

Mr. Hosang Kwak, Team Lead of CloudOps at SmileShark, introduced the importance of cloud security and short-term and long-term measures based on six different cases.


SmileShark acquires 'Amazon EKS SDP'...Managed Kubernetes begins in earnest





Smile Shark has acquired the Amazon EKS SDP qualification through technical verification that proves customer success stories through various indicators such as having professional manpower to provide Amazon EKS, proving technology, and proving actual performance, and provides professional consulting on Amazon EKS from AWS.


SmileShark won first place in the 'AWS SMB Greenfield Partner League'



SmileShark announced on the 21st that it won first place in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) SMB Greenfield Partner League (GPL).
AWS SMB GBL is an event to discover various sales opportunities and build a close ecosystem in the SMB (Small and Medium-Sized Businesses) market. From September 16th to October 19th, a total of 9 domestic partners participated to introduce and compete with various services. 

Dot-Smileshark signed a MOU for the development of ‘Dot Cloud’

닷-스마일샤크 기사 사진.jpg


On the 9th of December, social venture ‘Dot’ (CEO Juyoon Kim, Gikwang Sung) and cloud consulting start up ‘SmileShark’ (CEO Jinhwan Jang) announced that they signed a business agreement MOU(Memorandum of understanding) for the development of ‘Dot Cloud’, a platform for the visually impaired around the world.

AWS 'DevOps Competency'



Smileshark (CEO Jang Jin-hwan), a cloud managed service company (MSP) announced on the 26th that it has acquired the 'AWS DevOps Competency' from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Smileshark acquires 'AWS Well Architected Partner Program' certification

스마일샤크 기사.jpg


Smileshark demonstrated its ability to design, build and operate optimizing architectures based on the AWS Well-Architected Framework for customers' key workloads while achieving AWS Well-Architected Partner Program certification.

Most certified AWS service professional qualifications in Korea

스마일샤크 pic.png


Smile Shark (CEO Jang Jin-hwan), an artificial intelligence (AI) service provider, announced on the 11th that it has recently acquired the 'Amazon API Gateway service provision program' and has acquired the most 'Amazon website (AWS) service provision program' among domestic partners. . The AWS Service Delivery Program is a program that certifies the expertise of AWS partners.

AWS re:invent 2021,
Among global AWS partners, SmileShark is introduced as the fastest-growing company



Smileshark, a domestic AWS Advanced level service partner, was introduced as one of the fastest growing AWS partners by utilizing various partner programs in the last AWS re:invent global partner session "Build your journey with the AWS Partner Network". Smile Shark has grown rapidly since joining the AWS Partner Network in November 2019, currently supporting more than 250 customers on AWS, and has a Competency Program and various Service Delivery Program certifications that prove the competence of AWS partners.

SmileShark, Amazon Web Services
Earn Migration Competency

스마일샤크가 AWS마이그레이션 컴피턴시 인증.jpg


Through the acquisition of this competency, Smile Shark has proven that it has migration experts who can smoothly support complex migration projects faced by customers and professional consulting capabilities that can accelerate cloud acceleration.

SmileShark acquires Datadog Gold Partner status in the shortest time in the world



Smile Shark started the data dog business in January of this year and became a gold level partner in 6 months  . Datadock provides an integrated monitoring service that encompasses infrastructure, application, log, network and security, and serverless for on-premises (built-in), cloud, and hybrid corporate IT environments._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

AWS Relational Database Service (RDS) SDP Acquisition



To achieve the RDS SDP, you must undergo rigorous technical validation as an AWS Consulting Partner. The AWS RDS team evaluated best practices for migrating existing database services to AWS RDS.

AWS 'Rising Star of the Year' award



We are delighted to receive the Rising Star Award, which is given to AWS partners who have played a key role. Last year, we worked hard to satisfy our employees and customers. This year, we will strive for the successful business of our customers.

SmileShark, 'people-oriented cloud
Management, artificial intelligence will replace



It is important to be recognized by AWS for its efforts for customer satisfaction and success, but it is even more meaningful that Smileshark's MSP strategy, which is still operating with a small workforce, is not wrong. 

Hana Card, Amazon Web Services Provider
Provide email billing service to SmileShark



One of the advantages of the service is that it is equipped with a function to create a customized payment link according to the transaction conditions and re-send/cancel the invoice after real-time confirmation, making it easier to use the invoice issuance and management.

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