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Datadog technical supports like Smile Shark

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​What is a Datadog?


Datadog is an all-in-one integrated monitoring platform. By integrating more than 450 solutions such as infrastructure, applications, services, networks, and security, you can monitor various information generated in your IT environment.

Datadog provides observability of infrastructure and application performance to enable engineering teams to operate reliable application environments. This can accelerate the adoption of DevOps environment and culture.

Why Datadog?


Smileshark's Datadog Support Service Coverage

Smileshark obtained the fastest DataDog Gold Partner tier in Korea by developing Datadog ecosystem and outstanding performance in DataDog ecosystem to customers in various fields.


Smileshark X Datadog Webinar Resources

Why Datadog on AWS

15-Minute Datadog Tour Webinar that introduces Datadog's background and how to set up a real-time interactive dashboard at Datadog

Smileshark X Datadog Press Release


Smileshark acquires Datadog Gold Partner status in the shortest time in the world

Smile Shark started the data dog business in January of this year and became a gold level partner in 6 months  . Datadock provides integrated monitoring services including infrastructure, application, log, network and security, and serverless for on-premises (built-in), cloud, and hybrid corporate IT environments._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_


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