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About Us

About us


“Smile” symbolizes the composure that can handle any challenge.

“Shark” symbolizes being a number 1.

SmileShark, we are a group of people who enjoy work like a pro respectively and keep moving for growth to become the number one.

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We will walk for a better cloud world.

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Core value

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Rapid Communication | speedy

Promptness is a sign of respect. If you don't respect others, you won't be respected either.

If you don't take care of others, you won't take care of yourself.

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We share information transparently. | Sharing

Company information is transparently opened, and the company's direction and goals are shared through a town hall meeting once a week.

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There are no stupid questions. | No Stupid questions.

There are no stupid questions. I think it's a great courage to say confidently that you don't know if you don't know.

We exchange sincere opinions with sincere answers to questions and mutually developed directions.

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Pursue efficiency and automate. | Simple

Smileshark does not complicate things. I prefer to conceptualize it simply and simply and get it up and running quickly. In addition, we are focusing on automating simple repetitive tasks rather than rushing them.

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It's important to get started.  | Start First

A Smile Shark prefers to start and produce results quickly, rather than a person who speaks all.

I prefer to start quickly and aim more and more accurately than time to prepare and judge.


We will walk for a better cloud world.

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