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​Introduction Example

After migrating from domestic cloud to AWS
20% reduction in infrastructure costs 50% reduction in deployment time

​Clegames Introduction Case

​About Classgames

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Korea, Clegagames specializes in smartphone RPG games.

Starting with Soul-Seeker series games and Zombie Hunter D-Day Global, we are aiming to become a global mid-core game company.

In 2015, Clgames’ Soul Seeker launched its service in 155 countries and became the first Korean company to enter the world’s top 100 global markets within three days.

In addition to achieving 10 million user downloads, Classgames entered the top 10 RPG genres in 59 countries.


Company Name

Class Games Co., Ltd.

Business Areas

Game software development and supply

founding date

October 2013


Challenges before introduction

The advantage of real-time strategy simulation games is that they allow the user to play in real time from an omniscient point of view. SLG-type games are popular in the global market and have many users. It was difficult to smoothly provide an environment developed with 3D graphics to many global users.


  • Need a solution that can save resources required for DB installation and operation

  • Civilization Wars is an environment developed with the existing MySQL and must be transferred to the AWS managed DB service.

  • Civilization War is a game developed with massive content in SLG format and 3D graphics and requires high memory usage.

  • As the contents and data of the DB increase, a solution that can expand the storage without interruption for a high user experience is required.

  • You need a security solution to protect the resources in your AWS account and prevent abuse

  • Need a solution that can respond to increasing user traffic for event-based promotions

  • Requires infrastructure design with high availability

  • Requires use of CDN for global content distribution

Smile Shark Solution Proposal

  • Saving resources for initial DB configuration and operation using AWS Managed RDS Aurora.

  • Safely migrate your on-premises environment to an RDS Aurora environment

  • Use the R5 instance type, which is a memory-optimized EC2 type.

  • Enabling Storage Autoscaling for RDS Aurora

  • Enhance account security by enabling Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA)

  • Configure Auto-Scaling to Respond to Increased Traffic

  • Multi-region configuration for high availability

  • Configuring Amazon CloudFront for Global Content and Fast Distribution

AWS Services used


Effects after introduction

  • Initial configuration of MySQL is provisioned in minutes through Amazon RDS' management console and API calls, saving 50% deployment time

  • Migrate your on-premises MySQL environment to an AWS environment to take advantage of the many benefits of the cloud.

  • Storage autoscaling eliminates the need to provision volumes, improving service continuity and manageability

  • Enabling MFA to protect your account resources from abuse

  • It uses the Auto-Scaling service to handle user traffic from login servers and game servers. 30% improvement in service continuity

  • Continuous service even in the event of a failure due to multi-region configuration

  • Use CloudFront to cache static content, such as game patch files, in global edge locations to speed up distribution

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