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​Introduction Example

58% savings compared to IDC after migrating to AWS
Stable service operation effect by responding to fluid traffic

​ Min Byung-cheol Education Group Introduction Case

About Byung-Chul Min Education Group

Based in Korea, Byeongcheol Min Education Group has been leading English education in Korea for 40 years. 

Even though it is an old company, it is always trying new things like a startup.

Through innovation, Min Byung-cheol Min Byeong-cheol UPHONE launched UPHONE, a company that has maintained the No. 1 position in the phone English brand for many years and is still growing rapidly.


Company Name

Min Byeong-cheol Education Group Co., Ltd.

Business Areas

online education academy

founding date

March 1980


Challenges before introduction

The Min Byeong-Chul Education Group was using an on-premises environment, and due to the spread of Corona in 2020, online education is preferred over offline, and more users want Min Byeong-Chul Education Group's classes at schools, workplaces and at home in each region.

As a result, we experienced frequent traffic loads. In addition, for the first time in over 40 years, as all employees worked from home for over 10 weeks, various security issues arose.

  • There were wasted costs due to the use of computing in the on-premises environment, and we considered building an environment optimized for services.

  • It was difficult to differentiate between performance and cost-effective instance types for different server workloads.

  • There was a need to automate manual security patches and updates.

  • Concerned about security issues between developers and administrators, we wanted a clear separation of roles between internal users.

  • As more and more customers come in due to Corona, we want to encrypt customer data more robustly. Management, as well as protecting it from leaking further inside, must encrypt the corresponding key, and manage it efficiently.

  • In order to build efficient automation to enable infrastructure management with a minimum of manpower, it was difficult to develop services and code resources.

  • Since youphone is a real-time education service, if the service is stopped, great damage occurs, so a recovery design was needed to prevent this problem.

  • We needed a service that could automatically scale itself to meet the rapidly changing traffic.

  • Even in the event of a natural disaster, it must be possible to provide services to customers with minimal service disruption.

  • Encrypt data so that personal information is not exposed to the outside

  • There is a need to provide better services to users by integrating the previously used Window Services and AWS Services.

  • Existing Windows Server was used, but there is inconvenient management of server resources.

  • You want to optimize for better storage performance and cost.

Smile Shark Solution Proposal

  • Proposal of optimized AWS EC2 instance types considering memory network performance

  • AWS Systems Manager for performing security patches through service pack updates for Windows Server

  • An IAM proposal that grants fine-grained control over a user's access, granting them only the minimum required access permissions

  • Encrypt S3, EBS, and EC2 service data with AWS managed keys and CMKs to harden data access

  • Automate your infrastructure using templates configured with CloudFormation services

  • Designed to protect and manage first-party code assets with CodeCommit

  • Deploying resources in datacenters that are physically located in different locations in case an availability zone fails

  • Set the EBS snapshot Life Cycle function on the instance to automatically backup at a set time.

  • Auto Scaling proposal to handle rapidly increasing traffic

  • Multi Zone configuration considering HA / DR

AWS Services used


Effects after introduction

  • 58% cost reduction and throughput reduction compared to IDC with balanced performance instance and burst function type instance

  • Improve security by protecting server vulnerabilities by performing automatic security patches

  • Easier to manage user permissions through IAM

  • Improve data security and manage keys more easily with keys

  • Integrate customer's infrastructure templates by shortening infrastructure construction time, improving version control usability of code assets​

  • Minimize data loss by retaining data for 15 days with snapshot lifetime configuration weekly backups

  • Manage existing Window Services more securely

  • Designed to enable continuous service operation even in the event of a natural disaster by configuring an architecture that applies a load balancer and placement in different Availability Zones by duplicating servers

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