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Cloud journey with us?

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Only AWS focused cloud-specialized consulting Partner 
Cloud consulting, migration, continuous optimization support
Your cloud partner for your business success


 Accelerate your AWS cloud implementation and migration


Quickly respond to AWS Technical difficulties


Minimize AWS infrastructure Costs


We support you with the entire process from AWS adoption to operation with AWS recognized consulting skills and customer satisfactions


AWS Advanced Partner

AWS consultation

of us are AWS Certified

Highly trained
AWS engineers

Integrated Management Services

스마일샤크 통합 관리 서비스

Offers optimized architecture proposals for AWS adoption, support for fast and secure migration planning, and cost optimization

Tech Support Services

스마일샤크 CloudOps 서비스

Let us focus on solving any challenges you may face during your cloud journey.

SmileShark Partnership

스마일샤크 파트너

SmileShark's special benefits for shared growth​ Benefit from access to various solutions and platforms needed to grow and succeed in your business

Pre-Consulting Services

스마일샤크 Pre-Consulting 서비스

Personalized AWS consulting services tailored to customer's service by identifying customer's difficulties at the meeting

AWS Migration

AWS 도입·마이그레이션 지원 서비스

AWS Adoption and Migration Support Services

​Datadog Tech Support


Datadog Adoption and operation management Support Services

Build Up Services

스마일샤크 Build Up 서비스

Don't be afraid to use AWS. We provide hands-on support for AWS initial implementation through the Build-up service.

Amazon CloudFront(CDN)

스마일샤크 CDN 기술 지원

Verified CloudFront Experts and CDN Discounts

Cloud Management Software


Manage and allocate costs, optimize spending, and save money

Knowledge Archiving

Ask us to get started now

스마일샤크에서 엄선한 클라우드 뉴스와 콘텐츠,
스마일샤크의 다양한 업데이트 소식을 한 달에 한 번 전달드리는 월간 뉴스레터 입니다.
​스마일샤크 소식이 궁금하시다면 지금 바로 구독해보세요.

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